Head: Scalp, Face, Eyelids, Ears and Mouth Trunk, Axillae and Female Breast Arms and Forearms Arms and Forearms Hands Hands Inguinal Regions, Pubic Area, Genitalia (Male and Female), Buttocks and Perianal Region Legs Legs Feet Feet

Click a body region above to display its regional differential diagnosis.

Click: Generalized Distribution to display the differential diagnosis of lesions with generalized distribution, including characteristic patterns.

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Web concept by M.N.K.Boulos @ Bath.ac.uk - MNKamelBoulos @ Plymouth.ac.uk

Based on regional/ morphological  differential diagnosis lists from Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology.

Uses Google Image Search and Picsearch; results may not always be accurate or relevant.

Map of Dermatology is now an OMNI / NMAP-catalogued resource.

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Kamel Boulos MN. Map of dermatology: Web image browser for differential diagnosis in dermatology. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2006;72:72-74 (unabridged version)

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