Robots in Health and Social Care: A Complementary Technology to Home Care and Telehealthcare?

Torbjørn S. Dahl and Maged N. Kamel Boulos*

* Corresponding author (MNKB –


Web links to research projects, devices and products described in above paper, including additional information and online video clips.

AAL Programme -

Anybots -

Atheon TUG -

Autom™ - - - video report (a user's experience):

Bestic -

Captology -

da Vinci -

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) robotics challenge call - — permanently archived at: - for examples of the tasks that robots developed under this challenge call should be capable of tackling in the future, see the news article at:

eCAALYX - - the following PowerPoint by the corresponding author offers some insight into the lessons we have learned and approaches we have adopted while working on eCAALYX:

eCAALYX in Second Life -

Giraff -

Giraff/GiraffPlus -

iCub - - Plymouth University’s research involving iCub humanoid robot:

iRobiQ photos - — permanently archived at:


Kiva robots in action -

Nao programmable humanoid robot (by Aldebaran Robotics, Paris, France) - - Plymouth University’s research involving Nao humanoid robot:

Neuromate stereotactic robot -

Open Hand Project by roboticist J. Gibbard: watch the “egg example” and how it is being handled -

Paro (seal) -

PR2 -

RoboCourier -

RP-Vita -

Second Life -

Veebot robotic phlebotomist —

The corresponding author also maintains and regularly updates an online “scrapbook” of relevant Web links and pointers at: