A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life® (University of Plymouth)
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Archive (PDF - 3.5 MB): http://healthcybermap.org/slsexualhealth/slsexualhealth_archive.pdf


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First small steps towards a Sexual Health OpenSIM: http://osurl.org/grid.newworldgrid.com:8002/Eleniel/58/45/33 (more: Aug 08, Nov 08)

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(Mirror: http://www.dailymotion.com/mnkboulos)
SIM Overview - June 2008  http://www.vimeo.com/1170396


Sex and disability seminar - 12 June 2008


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Sexual Purity Seminar 1 May 08: Fr Johann Voice Intro


Sexual Health in Second Life


Broken Wing Event - 12 Sept 07


^ Slideshow: Avatars attending a seminar at the University of Plymouth Sexual Health SIM in Second Life® on the topic of ‘Sex and Disability’. Cory Silverberg, the seminar’s guest speaker, commented “one of the things that were most interesting to me was that the turn out for the talk was much higher than it would have been in real life, as getting people out to talk about sex and disability is challenging for a number of reasons”.


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